Demsan Aluminum company was established in 2014. In the Çayırova / Kocaeli TOSB organized industrial zone, 8.000 m2, 2 extrusion lines, 8 ‘and 6’, 2700 and 1600 tons extrusion lines, which can produce 14 meters uninterrupted profiles, and a state-of-the-art tunnel type conveyor line dyehouse. We will be pleased to serve you with its wooden transfer coating facility, trained and equipped, always pursuing a quality technical team, which can apply to special profiles up to 12 meters.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the most reliable and efficient aluminium extrusion services, without compromising on quality or safety. We also aim to prove our quality skills, fair prices and customer care, so that we continue our business relationship for many years, beyond the first job we complete.

Core Values